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"For real? For real?!"

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Windows Movie Maker -- yeah, it might be better if they named it Windows Movie Staller, or Baby Movie Maker. it's simple. very, very simple. it stalls... a whole frikin lot. honestly, it works for the mom whos just trying to make a cute slideshow of her kid with a song in the background. but it doesnt work for amatuer filmmakers. In no way is this software good for filmmakers. You get one video track, one overlay, and one audio. what the heck am i supposed to do with one audio track?! I have in-camera audio, yeah, but how am i supposed to foley my video? sound effects? nope. multicam function: nope. real editing: nope. i cant even color grade my stuff. and what about trimming my video or audio?! you cant even split a clip into two parts. microsoft tied our filmmaking hands and feet and gave us a big middle finger saying, "here's a free video editor, go play." what are you supposed to do in there? it downgrades hd vids to 240p, and takes forever to save a movie. save ur money and time

  • easy to use
  • virtually unusable, one audio track, one video track, no zoom, limited transitions, no HD video, timeline becomes crowded easily, stalls a LOT

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19 Jun 2012
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