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  • The download button allows you to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows Vista (also compatible with Windows 7).
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Notes: The download button allows you to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows Vista (also compatible with Windows 7).

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Windows Movie Makerhelp and info

  • 1 - Will Windows Movie Maker Vista work with Windows 10?

    No it will not. The Windows Movie Maker Vista version only works with Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you want the version that works with Windows 10, then you need the other version of the Movie maker. There is a version that was created for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

  • 2 – Does this video editor damage or lower the quality of my video?

    Like most video editors, there is a chance that Windows Movie Maker Vista will damage the quality of your output video, (not the original video). There are numerous reasons for this, such as when an editor is not able to correctly handle the complexity of the detail within the video file. This editor doesn't lower the quality of the original file, but you may see a slight difference between the original and the generated file.

  • 3 – How do I stop this particular video editor from lowering the quality of my final video?

    There are numerous things you can do to avoid lowering the quality of your final output. For example, some filters and effects need to blur the image slightly, and so you could simply avoid adding them. Plus, some video files are more suited for your video than others. Your best bet is to try generating different output files, such as creating an MP4 version, a desktop version, a 1080p version and so forth, and then testing the quality of each output file to see which is the best.

  • 4 – How come I can drag and drop some video files onto Windows Movie Maker Vista and not others?

    It is either a bug that the developers never fixed, or it is an intentional feature to stop you adding video files that cannot be processed. Sadly, if it is a feature, then it was added too soon because there are some video files that you can edit and yet you cannot drag and drop onto the Windows Movie Maker Vista interface.

  • 5 – How come I saved my movie and I cannot play it?

    There are two ways to save. You may save your editing work so that you may come back to it later, and you may save your edited movie as a movie file. If you wish to save your editing work so that you may come back to it later, then choose “Save Project As.” If you wish to generate a movie file based on the editing work you have done, then choose, “Save Movie,” and then pick your desired file type so you may save your work.

  • 6 – Why am I unable to edit my video even though I saved my project correctly?

    If you have finished editing for the moment, you may save your project and come back to it later. However, if you move your movie files or any other files from now until the time you edit again, then your project will fail to load correctly. For example, if you had a video file on your desktop that you wanted to edit, and you opened it in your Windows Movie Maker Vista, saved your project, and then moved the original file, then Windows Movie Maker Vista will be unable to correctly load your project when you come back to it.

  • 7 – How do I speed the video editing process for rough cuts?

    If you simply need a quick movie cut and you don't want to wait for the Windows Movie Maker Vista to process and prepare your file, then you may begin editing as soon as you add the video by disabling the file preparation protocols. Go to “File,” and scroll down to “Options.” Under the tab named “Advanced,” you will see the file preparation options. Un-tick the boxes in there, and you may start editing files almost as soon as you add them to the Movie Maker GUI.

  • 8 – Can I set the edited video to go slower or in reverse?

    You cannot edit the video so that it goes in reverse, but you may alter the speed of your videos by slowing them down or speeding them up.

  • 9 - Do I have to add sound tracks at the beginning of each movie?

    It may appear that you have to because of the way the audio appears when you first add it, but you may tinker with where the audio starts, and you may add differ audio tracks into the movie. It is fiddly, but you have to click on the smaller bar that represents the audio in order to move it.

  • 10 – Why do some videos need a long time to load?

    It is a sad flaw of the system and is probably one of the reasons why Microsoft doesn't charge for this software. There are some files that require processing before you may edit them, and quite often the processing takes an overly long time.